Friday, October 29, 2010

from alexandria, with love :)

lisa jijah eng and yaya are safe and okay here :)
thank you all for your prayers
life is very different and tough here but insyaallah we'll pull through.
doakan kami exam. we got exams every month after habis each module,
and this particular module we're at right now is exceptionally hard, so gonna need lotsa lotsa prayers from u guys too.
we miss all of you :)

blog ni macam hambar and tak active sebab semua orang pun busy semua, but once in a while do drop by and post something. it can be anything. announcement, gambar, tazkirah etc :) keep it strong girls :) this bond will never break :)

loveloads, lisa


  1. Allah is always with us insya Allah :)

    P/s: Lisa, apakah password ye?