Sunday, November 27, 2011

saje nak tunjuk :)

mengapakah xde org update blog ni?? tp xpe, just make sure ade org bace tau!! hehe

terbesar plak gmbar ni. sorry..tolong bersabar ye.

nmpak tak gmbar kat atas ni? bukan nak tunjuk yg dawee mkn byk!! bukan. bukan. sila jgn ambil msg yg salah.

tp korang perasan x baju yg dawee pakai tu?? *wink. wink*

YUP!! baju batch! hehe. eventhough we've all gone our separate ways (in studies laa), and I didn't get to lepak with you guys that often, Transcenders will always be somewhere in my heart. Tak dapat bwk the whole batch gi czech pun xpelah. At least bwk baju batch. sweet kan dawee..hehe *perasan sorang2*

okla. tu je nk ckp sebenarnya. goodluck sume org and all the best in every GOOD things you do :) roger and out. peace~

xOxO: hidayah.waidi

p/s: remember me in you're prayers.
p/p/s: rindu main killer and 'freeze' dlm kelas. haha (korg ingat tak?? ntah2 dawee sorg je yg ingat)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

hey guys ;)

actually, i honestly dont know what brought me here. i suddenly felt that i have to write something in this super quiet place (if i could really call this a place). so, i've finished my alevels. so did some others like lonne and pya..meenie and anish, i know u'r also done with whatever ur suppose to done with, but i dont really know what it is. sorry bout that. and all the other transcenders. i'm so sorry that i couldnt keep myself updated with u guys out there. i dont know where u guys r and what u do. deeply sorry. i just hope that one day we could hang out together again. not just two or three people. but a bunch of us! yeah, i know its kinda impossible for all of us to gather at one place. but. whatever. lets have fun and make some noise one day (apparently we never fail to make noise wherever we go.heh). to you people who'll be flying without wings this year, tell us. text us. and we'll be there.

okay, that sounds a bit corny. haha. lets rephrase it a bit. just tell us cos' we do give a d*** (censored to protect our minds) okay, now that sound too harsh. whatever. just tell us. fullstop. anyway, just wish we could meet again someday. you guys are AWESOME PEOPLE!! thats it. roger and out. peace~

p/s: i think i've gotten more POYO than in my highschool years. NOOOOOOOOOOOO

xOxO: hidayah.waidi

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Life isn't all nice outside. I wonder why I wanna go out from college that bad dulu! hahahahah. But that's basicly what Life is kan kan? :)

Anyway, arre, bean and carrot baru sahaja keluar tengok harry potter :D tiba2 sahaja rindu time kita semua tengok HP togeda geda.

Since the year's coming to an end, it's gonna be approx. a year since we left college. any college updates, kamu semua mungkin tak tahu. tapi arre takkan cerita laah apa2.

the thing I wanna tell u guys is; ppm next year bertempat di Bukit Merbah ya. Sila lah mark your calenders :) ahhahaha. senior2 basketball dan pendebat2, turunlah padang or email the kids to give them spirit.

Hope to see you guys at OUR GROUND next year, other transcenders!

<3, arre.

Friday, October 29, 2010

from alexandria, with love :)

lisa jijah eng and yaya are safe and okay here :)
thank you all for your prayers
life is very different and tough here but insyaallah we'll pull through.
doakan kami exam. we got exams every month after habis each module,
and this particular module we're at right now is exceptionally hard, so gonna need lotsa lotsa prayers from u guys too.
we miss all of you :)

blog ni macam hambar and tak active sebab semua orang pun busy semua, but once in a while do drop by and post something. it can be anything. announcement, gambar, tazkirah etc :) keep it strong girls :) this bond will never break :)

loveloads, lisa

Monday, September 13, 2010

5th september baybeh ;D

1st; selamat hari raya ;D

2nd; maaf zahir batin from bean ;)

3rd; i miss all of you :')

and awat blog ni sunyi sgt? haiisshh! haha anyways, just giving you guys a look at what we had last 0509 aka 5th september.

we bukak puasa together courtesy of lisa's spaghetti ;)
and we bought JUMPBALLs together at Toys R'us! XD

its those balls we are holding in the picture above. (my sentence sounds wrroonngg! LOL) and yang comel nye, haha we bought the jumpballs according to our house colours taw. coincidentally! ;))

anyway,i know you guys had an iftar together before that. sorry i couldnt join :( so thats why i wanted another iftar,on that 0509. sikit lawa punya date kan?

hehe but i know some most of you couldnt make it because most of you have gone back already for the raya holidays.

never mind. insyaallah there'll be time for us to meet again.

but, im just suggesting, why dont every 0509, we meet up, gather and just catch up on each other's stories :)

transcenders 0509 - anda gang terbaeekkk!

XOXO bean ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


mane semua org pergi?????
kenape blog kita dah tak aktif seperti dahulu kala???


Sunday, May 30, 2010

hai guys..kitorang dekat puncak alam now.. best2.
macam reunion yg tak cukup orang :0
sape yang dekat2 tu selalu lahh datang visit bwak pizza, mcd kfc..
hahaha.. kami BAHAGIA di sini :)

p/s: ilham missing

: wanorQ ambil gmbar