Tuesday, December 22, 2009

transcenders :)

imy laa kawan kawan
rindu nk buat sume annoyed :D
hahaa rndu nk kacau kacau
rindu nk borak borak laa
huhu rindu nk gelak gelak
nk mlalak mlaalak.
rindu semuee:(
hahahaha ak xtipu aw:D
hmm wey wey sape mkn nsik mnyk jgn lupe ajk aw
haha ill try to come and and dgr cite rmai dh amek lesen doe:D
haha mcm mcm ea skng:P
u guys do tcre oke folks;D
cz i rlly rlly do:D

loveLOVElove: azz RA ♥

korang, akoo sayang korang!

akoo pointless

honestly akoo rindu geyl kat my batch, KORANG!! rindu geyl... act, akoo x pnah pown miss korang during evry holiday b4 dis.. from f1 sampai f5 kowt! hehe..
so dis is my 1st tyme rse cmnyh.. esp bile ttbe akoo TERINGAT no more 'bukak skola'.. nx year, i mean about 2 weeks to go x pyah la jenuh2 nk pack brg btimbun cmpak2 dlm keta( awal tahun katekan).. padahal dat is wut i wish for b4 dis.. punyelah dlu x sabar habes skola.. x nak study la.. x nak tension la... x nak jog la! hehe nk sport day an( dats the point!!). dunno ble g ley jumpe ngan evry 1. shoott wey!!!!!!!!!!!! sedey laaa!!!!!!!!!!

ok tetibe byk geyl lak bnde nk ckp.. criuzly...

x pe lah.. nnti akoo story mse our nx reunion k.. if umo panjg la. ble ek reunon kte??
hope bkan mase dah kulit bkdut!



yeah, btw, no more CYRUS in my lyfe after dis..
dodow is dodow, x de CYR dah kat blakang.....
hehe... bcoz it seem lotta better kan!!!!!!!!! :)


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its You That Feels Like Home ,

As I woke up in the morning and cried
Yesterday has passed me by
And today's not feeling any better
I tried to stand, I tried to smile
I tried to make everything worthwhile
But deep inside I know, I'm not that strong

And my spirit's breaking, hopes are shaking
How can I move on?
How can I move on?

Then I remember when we hit the ground, running
So we'll never lag behind
And don't forget that we have face the world, smiling
Its the spirit that helps us bind
Cause today's the day
We will rise up and shine
Here we are
No matter where I go
Yes, its you that feels like home

As I'm walking down the strange new road
of unfamiliar faces and places unknown
I wonder if out there, you feel the same way too
I try to live the best each day
But life's cruel lessons take me away
I feel so helpless and lonely too

And my spirit's breaking, hopes are shaking
How can I move on?
How can I move on?
(repeat c/o)

I'm calling out your name
Please help me ease my pain
There's no one else
There's no one else
could take your place
Our bond can never be erased
(repeat c/o)

As I closed my eyes and say my prayers
to thank dear God for blessing
with the best of friends
And whenever I'm done and feel so alone
I turn to you and I'm finally home
Yes, its you that feels like home :)

currently; jobless, HAHA

i miss you guys so much :)

sincerely, mardieq.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how many days has it been?

hello2 ppl :)

i felt guilty cz the blog's frreaking empty. and lisa kowt pesan, "jgn laa update blog kau je, update blog btch gk. "

hehs ocay2 :) bt nways, im jst saying. td bean tgk sisterhood of d travelling pants 2. haha xdla bes sgt. bt i cried =(

darn, i miss u guys ohh. haha bkn snang nk hear bean say this tw. bt nways, do take care. dun lose urself. go find a job! before u go broke (which is ala2 the situation im in)

loveLOVElove, bean :)

ps; nk ronggeng, text yah hehs.