Monday, September 13, 2010

5th september baybeh ;D

1st; selamat hari raya ;D

2nd; maaf zahir batin from bean ;)

3rd; i miss all of you :')

and awat blog ni sunyi sgt? haiisshh! haha anyways, just giving you guys a look at what we had last 0509 aka 5th september.

we bukak puasa together courtesy of lisa's spaghetti ;)
and we bought JUMPBALLs together at Toys R'us! XD

its those balls we are holding in the picture above. (my sentence sounds wrroonngg! LOL) and yang comel nye, haha we bought the jumpballs according to our house colours taw. coincidentally! ;))

anyway,i know you guys had an iftar together before that. sorry i couldnt join :( so thats why i wanted another iftar,on that 0509. sikit lawa punya date kan?

hehe but i know some most of you couldnt make it because most of you have gone back already for the raya holidays.

never mind. insyaallah there'll be time for us to meet again.

but, im just suggesting, why dont every 0509, we meet up, gather and just catch up on each other's stories :)

transcenders 0509 - anda gang terbaeekkk!

XOXO bean ;)

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