Saturday, March 13, 2010

check list

Salam, all =)
hope you're doing good, living a life that's all healthy and blessed, insyaallah.
so, scholarship application time!! =)
since we'll be confused sebab tak tahu scholarship ape yang dah,
or yang akan, or yang kena byr or wtv things..
sila lah buat checklist so that lagi terurus! =)

if you are wondering nak buat canne:

Buat five collumns:
1) no.
2) scholarship name (and course you applied or going to)
3) date applied
4) closing date/ check status date (whether dipanggil for interview ke ape2)
5) remarks (lyk ptronas, have to pay rm20. like TNB, kena buat senarai semak ape ntah)

*remember to print after u applied! bagi menyenangkan jika ada any complications
okaayh? hope that this will help! =)
n remember, apply je SEMUA. selagi boleh menebusi sistem regardless of ur results,
PLEASE DO APPLY! it doesnt hurt to spend your time if insyaallah, ada rezeki. sape tahu? =)
alrite. Let's pray we'll succeed in wtv fields we're venturing into :) I LOVE YAH!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

along bukit merbah

hey guys! since results are coming out next week, eng pun cpt2 lah menjelaskan hutang yang ingatkan tinggi melambai or is it melampai? my bm is corrupting. so anyways, pigi college hari ni. semue busy with preps for rosmah and all sooo yeahh. it was embarassing. and everyone kept on asking dbot and i whether we were delivering our wedding cards. should've seen what dbot was wearing. she could've taken over any brides' place on the pelamin. hahah whoopsy :P

dbottt also kena her first summon EVER! bott i'm so proud of you. oklaaa so mase dbot nak kutip me from ktm to go to college, we went to pejabat mps first. salah office and there were bus loads of oku people there. main redah the whole place just to bayar summon of RM50. kesian dbot but still, sape suro pegi main ngan tester kat guardian seremban parade??

beriye nak tlg dbot settle the summon, i agreed to pay half lahh. pegi sane and tgk2 kene bayar RM25. my duit punn masuklah poket balik. hahah aku syg kau dbot. and then pg college, the roads were rejuvenated! hahah but they did a bad job kot. yeah and then had lunch with cik rahmah. she was so worried when aku ngn dbot amek nasi sikit gell. and oh yeah, did i mention she belanja-ed us? :P cuak wehh acc aku. :S

oklah penat ah but it was still fun. that kancil of dbot's was shaking with laughter kan bott? hahaha, dahlah orang yang menumpang tu besar. kesimpulannya, thank you dbot for chaffeuring me around seremban. ily :)

nahh, list kiddies yang ade berhutang lagi:
[RM 30-kebajikan; RM65-sukan; RM 4-mssm; RM 250-makan!]

1. iya- RM30 + RM65 + RM4 = RM99
2. nadia safian- RM30
3. pearl- RM30 + RM65 = RM95
4. jeej- RM30
5. alia nadyra- RM4
6. pika- RM4
7. yaya- RM250 + RM 65 = RM 315
8. zhang- RM4
9. delle- RM4
10. pippah yusof- RM65 + RM 4 = RM 69

you guys can pay to pn sharifah rohana on the day amek results! this is the office number if you guys ade any inquiries- 067625351. good day ter y'all. :)(: